"I received the beautiful book, Mourning Has Broken, last week and read the entire book over the  weekend. It is moving, touching, interesting, revealing, sad, and wonderful. What a precious gift you  have given the world by putting this together."

Susan Whitmore, Erika’s Mom
The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation and griefHaven
"Where Hope Resides"

"The writing in Mourning Has Broken speaks from simple beauty and profound courage. Inspiration  and the wondrous gift of hope fill each honest and generous sharing."

Margot Van Sluytman
Author of Dance With Your Healing~tears let me begin to speak and recipient of the 2007 Seeds of Joy Award from the Foundation for the National Association for Poetry Therapy for her work in writing as healer, as voice.

"This wonderful anthology demonstrates that literature is a great source of healing for those looking to be comforted."

Gisela Luján
Estrella Mailí Foundation
Helping Parents with their Grief

"When my son died I begged my family and friends to help me find hope for survival; I needed to  know that others survived a tragic loss.  I read many books, but not many like Mourning Has Broken. I am thankful for having the opportunity to read [it] as it has filled me  with feelings of continued hope and inspiration."

 Gloria Appleby
 Victim Services Manager
 Mothers Against Drunk Driving

"I really LOVE your book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories and poems, etc.  In fact,  your book has inspired me to do more writing of my own about loss, grief and healing, etc.  I think it  is such a fabulous idea and truly believe so much healing and growth can happen when one writes  down their feelings and thoughts about what they are going through - especially in very difficult  times such as after the loss of a loved one."

 Carolyn Hitchcock
 Denver, Colorado

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