Newly Released!  Here is the third edition of this unique anthology containing over 70 original submissions on grief and healing. This international collection highlights how the authors coped with a loved one’s death.  It has been an inspiration to many mourners. This book will make you smile, and it will make you cry… it will touch your heart.

Mourning Has Broken” is co-edited by Liz Pearl and Mara Koven-Gelman. The strong reviews of this anthology have helped sell out the print run. Several new authors’ voices have been added including one about the new international discussion group, Death Cafe. The contributing authors share experiences, thoughts and feelings invoking tears, laughter, comfort and solace. You will see yourself in many of these stories.     

Renowned Authors include: Dr. Bob Baugher, Andrea Gambill, Reverend Dr. Richard Gilbert, Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, Rabbi Dr. Earl A. Grollman, Dr. Darcie Sims, Alicia Sims Franklin, Susan Whitmore and Dr. Alan Wolfelt.

New Submissions from: Michael Chiu, Lizzy Miles, Lorynne Schreiber, Julie Stine, Susan Whitmore and Nancy Weil.
Designed by Noah Koven