About The Editors

Mara Koven-Gelman, MA in Journalism is a writer and non-profit consultant. She has a background in non-profit management and grant writing. Mara was widowed in 2002 while living in Toronto. She and Liz Pearl co-edited Mourning Has Broken in 2004 and revised it in 2007. She is re-married to Dr. Irwin Gelman and now resides in Buffalo, New York with her two children, Noah and Maya Koven.

Liz Pearl, M.Ed., is an educator and therapist specializing in psychogeriatrics and expressive arts therapy. In addition to Mourning Has Broken, (KOPE Associates, 2004, 2007) she is the editor of Brain Attack - The Journey Back - A Unique Collection of Creative Writing about Stroke Recovery (KOPE Associates, 2005) and MS – My Story – A Collection of Inspirational Voices about Living with MS (PK press, 2012). Liz launched the Living Legacies - A Collection of Inspirational Contemporary Canadian Jewish Women series in 2007 now including, Volumes I – IV.
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